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DJ alZdair’s music career is to be put on hold and there is no set date for DJ alZdair’s return… It’s official. It’s a sad day. I live nowhere DJing opportunities, and have no money to move. I’m going to stop producing my own stuff for the meanwhile, because I’m not happy with the kit I have and have no money to remedy that. Basically DJ alZdair is officially off. I’ll keep posting music to this blog (I know I’ve been quiet recently, but I intend to pick it up again) but sadly don’t expect new stuff from DJ alZdair for the time being….

HOWEVER, if I find a job, start earning money etc, then DJ alZdair will be back. I’ll try and release the EP I’ve been meaning to release for as long as I can remember and find gigs in London. Can’t leave it at 55 gigs in 9 months. So KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED. DJ alZdair may be back (probably with a better name, because to be honest, DJ alZdair’s a shite name). Think of it as a re-birth. A 3rd coming (yes, DJ alZdair was a 2nd coming, we’ll leave that at that…)

But I will still collect records, post what ones I may find on here and document any other music that deserves a mention.

Laters team.

Here’s the tracklist for “Strictly Boogie Vol.1”! Keep an eye out for Volume 2. There may be a cheeky DJ alZdair exclusive slipped into Volume 2….

1. Rene & Angela - Secret Rendezvous
2. S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To me
3. Nu Shooz - I Can’t Wait
4. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Ain’t Nobody
5. Fatback - I Found Lovin’
6. Gwen Guthrie - Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent
7. Mantronix - Got To Have Your Love
8. Aurra - Are You Single?
9. Cheryl Lynn - Encore
10. B.B.&Q. Band - Dreamer (Shep Pettibone Long Vocal Version)
11. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation
12. Luther Vandross - Never Too Much
13. Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It?
14. Indeep - Last Night The DJ Saved My Life
15. George Benson - Give Me The Night
16. Junior - Mama Used To Say
17. Valentine Brothers - Money’s Too Tight To Mention
18. Delegation - In The Night

Strictly Boogie Vol. 1 - DJ alZdair

Groovenauts of the world. I’m recording a new mixtape in three parts called “Strictly Boogie”! It’s going to be a collection of my favourite funk, boogie, disco, groove classics all in one place. A groove bible. Will post the tracklist on here and on Facebook later this week (and there may be a cheeky FREE DOWNLOAD). Fancy that! BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE!

Here is the tracklist for the “Purple” mixtape, as promised! Please continue to listen, like, share and enjoy it! If enough people want a download I’ll make it downloadable.

1. Betty Ford Boys - The Time Has Come To Be (4 Us To Be One)
2. DJ Damage feat. Karl & Olivier Portal - Detente
3. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Rhymefest - Jeff ‘n’ Fess
4. Finn Peters - Purple
5. Prince - Breakfast Can Wait
6. Dela - We Will All B Free
7. Towa Tei - The Sound Museum
8. Juj - Floater
9. FKJ - Instant Need
10. Onra - High Hopes (Instrumental)
11. Kartell - Pantera
12. Rick James - Mary Jane

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